Data replication option with NAV 2009

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We have a client with 2 locations running NAV 2009 RTC. The two locations run as one company in NAV, and do a lot of inventory transfers back and forth. One location is remote, and in a very rural area with undependable internet access. This location does most NAV functions; purchase order entry and receiving are mission critical at this location. We are faced with 2 issues - the speed is slow on a regular basis, and we face the potential of the connection going completely down on an occassional basis.

The hardware folks would like to have a separate app and db server at remote location which then recplicates with the main database server's data. (I'm not sure if this is officially clustering....which I know is not supported). With this configuration, the remote location could run without any connectivity, and the performance would be as good as local performance. The bandwidth would be used only for data replication.

Has anyone done anythning like this before ?

We have proposed a emergency local copy of nav for when the connection is down, and this would only run the mission critical operation. We would then write some code to port the new purchases and receipts to the main system when the connection is back. Not too flashy ... and does not solve their speed issues ....


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