Writing in a view in a 3.7 client

wwestendorpwwestendorp Member Posts: 178

We have a problem. We have a an application that writes a Value back in a view (SQL 2000) which is connected to another view (other server (SQL2000)

This works fine.

We need to move the ext. application to another server (SQL2008)

We receive now following message inseide NAV.

8180,"42000",[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]Statement(s) could not be prepared.
1018,"42000",[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]Incorrect syntax near 'UPDLOCK'. If this is intended as a part of a table hint, A WITH keyword and parenthesis are now required. See SQL Server Books Online for proper syntax.

How can we modify the modify code in NAV in Version 3.7 so it will update the value with UPDLOCK?

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