NAV Webservices Limit

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I have an issue wherein I am unable to receive a text stream in a BIGTEXT variable exceeding 512,000 characters.
NOTE: The characters are from an XMl file.

I have a method exposed in a web service with the following signature:

<operation name="InsertMainMaster">
<operation soapAction="urn:microsoft-dynamics-schemas/codeunit/NAVConenctor:InsertMainMaster" style="document" xmlns="; />
- <input name="InsertMainMaster">
<body use="literal" xmlns="; />
- <output name="InsertMainMaster_Result">
<body use="literal" xmlns="; />

I have modified the following setting in the Custom Settings.config file:

i) WebServicesMaxMsgSize

Increased it from 512 to 5120 in steps.

ii) ChunkSize

Increased it to 80.

I need to know whether there is a size restriction on the web service or some error in my configuration.

The webservice is being consumed by an .NET application and is working fine till the characters in the incoming stream are less than
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