Opening a Table or its form from a subform and insert

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I trying to (having a second subform (NOT INFO Pane since I try to do his for a Customer in 3,7b version :-()) or when clicking on a field that a form opens where they can enter some info.

Header, : ID
Line (Subform) : ID + Line No.

Option 1 New Subform on the MAin Form butthis won't work since I cannot have 2 subforms :-(
Option 2: Field in the Line (Subform) which on click will open a new Form with filter ID, "Line No."

Option 2 works but If the User wants to enter new values into the table/Form it wont have the ID and Line No :-(

How can I forward these parameters so every entry the users makes in the new filtered form have automatically the MAIN ID and the MAIN Line No. ??

Ideal would be a Subform so the USer can see it direct when changing the lines (Like Info pane)



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    rhpntrhpnt Member Posts: 688
    Check out how adding Comment lines to sales docs work in v4 + and you're on the right track...
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