Hi IM NEW to NAV 5.0 need help!!

meowmeow Member Posts: 10
Hi guys, im new to nav, well i mean new to erp stuffs. Does that matter?(learning NAV 5.0 without a background in ERP)
I have read the ff pdf files:(3 weeks)

1. Programming NAV
2. Introduction to CSIDE

I have studied C/AL programming also and have done some hands on exercises.

Ill be reading the Application Designer Guide soon BUT i have read from the other posts that to get started with NAV you need to learn first the processes of being an end-user? Where can i find some useful topics that covers how to post entry, sales order,purchase orders, warehouse, etc...

Do i need to study Accounting to learn dynamics NAV 5.0??

I really dont know where to start and where to find those helpful guides to get me started! Im only learning by myself so its a bit hard for me because i don't have somebody to ask to. need help please!

1. How do you purchase an item?
Purchase-> Order Processing -> Orders? Then you choose your vendor and add items on the subform.. after that what will I do? Click Posting-> Post and Print? Then after that?
where do i settle my payment?

2. (inventory) What if I receive my items ordered already , what will I do? Am i going to
Warehouse->Purchase Orders-> Then what will I do?

3. Sell items to customer
Sales & Marketing-> Order processing -> Orders.. After filling out the subform, what will I do? Post and print? Then if the customer already paid me, what will i do?

These are one of the things that bothers me right now.. Hope you help me guys.. Please help..


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    kitikkitik Member Posts: 230
    Hello meow,

    As you said, a good knowledge of bussines processes really helps in the ERP world.

    I suggest you to find a local accounting course and take it. Once you know what is all about, you can start doing it in Navision. Microsoft offers courses on the NAV financial part: Financial Series I and II.

    There are also other courses covering all Navision modules: Manufacturing, Wharehouse management, Inventory costing, etc.

    Laura Nicolàs
    Author of the book Implementing Dynamics NAV 2013
    Cursos Dynamics NAV (spanish) : http://clipdynamics.com/ - A new lesson released every day.
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    meowmeow Member Posts: 10
    Hi Kitik!

    Thank you for your reply!!!:) Ok maybe I'll study accounting for 1 week?hehe I'm excited to learn NAV!
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