Company Notes Set up missing in Dynamics Nav 2009

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Dear All,

I want to know differences in Dynamics Nav 2009 Admin Module when comapred with Nav 4.0 sp3 Version.

is setting up Company Notes Different in Nav Ver 2009?

Where is the workflow Tab in Comapany Information Tab? Is there any other functionality for the same?

Please help

Thanks & Regards


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    redrose wrote:
    is setting up Company Notes Different in Nav Ver 2009?
    Company Notes has been dropped in NAV 5.0 already. There is no replacement.
    I do not have any customer that actively used it, so I do not have any experience on keeping it working after an upgrade. I remember though having registerd some components manually so I needed not alter any objects after a technical upgrade. So I think it should be possible to make it work again. On NAV 2009 it is unlikely it will work in RTC.
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