NAV 5.0 Debugger stopped working

ncruz365ncruz365 Member Posts: 18
Anyone have any idea why my NAV debugger no longer works? I've tried creating a new database and used different client
locally the debugger will not work. It was working a few weeks ago. Is it a windows setting possibly?

I've tried with different licenses as well.

I appreciate your input.


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    kinekine Member Posts: 12,562
    What does it means "It doesn't work"?
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    ncruz365ncruz365 Member Posts: 18
    it will not break out of the program. I have the debugger active and break point for trigger active, but
    it does not break out of the program.
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    DenSterDenSter Member Posts: 8,304
    That happened for me once, turned out to be that the debugger was blocked by my firewall.
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    ncruz365ncruz365 Member Posts: 18
    I'll try turning off my firewall and see what happens.
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    ncruz365ncruz365 Member Posts: 18
    I did turn off my firewall, and still does not work.
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    absolutelyfreewebabsolutelyfreeweb Member Posts: 104
    I had the same problem on nav 2009 R2 classic.
    I could debug the same dbs from another server.
    but could not debug any database from this server.

    tried following that did not work:
    -restart client
    -close client, delete zup, restart client
    -log out of server, restart client
    -tried different dbs

    solution that worked:
    - restart the physical server having this problem
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