Help with RTC permissions.

cvealecveale Member Posts: 135
edited 2010-09-10 in NAV Three Tier
I understand permissions in NAV, but get a little confused when it comes to RTC.


I have given a person the S&R Roles. But they also need access to the COA, so I have given here that role too.

Now in RTC, I have given her the 'Sales Order' RTC role. Now when she goes into RTC, do her permissions she has allready apply ? do I have to give her all new 'Role Tailored' permissions ?

She also needs access to the COA, so she will click on Departments, go to FM > Chart of Accounts. This is fine. But from the Departments, Can she click on 'Purchasing' ? Will it give her a permssion error if she does ?


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