Item Cost Adjustment

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Hi All!!!

One of my client is using Nav 4.0 sp3. I have an issue.

An Item A was purchased on 12/12/2009 qty 1 value 15k. After physical verification on 31st March '10 the item was posted with negetive adjustment. Adjust cost item entries was set "never" at that time. Item was issued with 0 value.

Stock as on 12/12/2009
Qty 1 Value 15k

Stock as on 31/03/2010
Qty 0 Value 15K

Later accounting period was closed with keeping this ambiguity without running batch job on 31/03/2010

When batch job runs on 01/04/2010 system creates adjustment entry.
stock becomes for that item Qty 0 Value -15k as on 01/04/2010

Is there any way out to correct this case? I am unable to revaluate the item on 01/04/2010. System works perfectly alright

Please help!!!!!!!!
Thanks in Advance


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