SQL Server 2005 on Win 7 Home Premium

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hi all, I want to ask several questions arround SQL Server 2005 & Win 7 Home Premium
1. can SQL Server Reporting services work in Win 7 Home Premium?
2. what should i install in win 7 home premium before i can access all facility using Dynamic NAV 2009? (like RTC ,etc)


  • kinekine Member Posts: 12,562
    1) Win 7 is not server system, thus you can use only Developer/Express edition of SQL server on it
    2) To be able to use NAV 2009 Demo on one PC with Win 7 you need only to install Express edition of SQL, which will be automatically installed if you choose the Demo install.
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  • bangswitbangswit Member Posts: 265
    I install developer edition SQL Server
    but the tickmark for Reporting services is unable to click in win 7, which is i can install it on XP
  • Ian_Piddington10199Ian_Piddington10199 Member Posts: 167
    Have you got IIS enabled?

    RS is going to need it.

  • bangswitbangswit Member Posts: 265
    Have you got IIS enabled?

    RS is going to need it.

    if i go to http://localhost it will show IIS7 picture
    or is it another way that i already install it correctly?
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