NAV EDI with 3rd party

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I was wandering what thoughts anyone might have on the following please:

We manage our inventory in NAV by sku and lot number, whichs holds the expiry date for First Expired First Out rotation. We also have lot blocking, where lots can be placed on QA hold for quality reasons, which prevents processing of a particular lot.

We are looking to move to a relationship with a 3rd party logistics company for distribution of our product.

This would involve:

*Manual entry of sales orders in our company
*EDI transmission of the order to the 3rd party
*3rd party processes the order and sends a confirmation back, containing order #, sku, lot, qty etc

Ideally then I would envisage:
*Pre-processing validation that the lot processed is the First Expired, not on QA hold etc
*Visibility and feedback of any errors or exceptions found
*Automated or batch processing of invoices in NAV, where validation matches the allocation of lots in NAV

Very high level at this stage.....

Any thoughts you would have on the above? So far all I can find on NAV EDI modules are those where NAV is doing all the processing, and EDI confirmations, invoices etc are then transmitted to external customers.

Our model is the opposite, with NAV being the "customer" and confirmations coming from the 3rd party.
Our requirements for lot management will no doubt complicate this - I suspect we are looking at major modifications?

Look forward to hearing your thoughts.


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