Is it Programming error???

fahdfahd Member Posts: 226
Dear Experts,
When i am replicating the job for sales transactions. After updating some records, it is showing me the


before that Job was working fine it has just started suddenly & it is happening in 3,4 other stores as well.

I would really appreciate if someone could tell me about this??


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    matttraxmatttrax Member Posts: 2,309
    That sounds like a custom error message to me, but it could be part of your country specific localization.
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    rmpatel22rmpatel22 Member Posts: 80

    This error is not from Customization but from LS Retails code. We faced some problems because of this error in past. We tried to find out solution from mibuso, dug and other website/contacted senior LS retail developers, but could not succeed.

    Temporary solution is Go to "Scheduler Job" card form=>"Line" menu=>"Subjob Card" menu, so it will open "Subjob card" form, click on "Replication" tab and enter small number (Eg 1000, so it will replicate 1000 records each time when you run replication, if you get error with 1000 then reduce number and continue) in "Repl. Counter Interval" and try to run scheduler few times. After that if you remove value and make "Repl. Counter Interval" zero and run scheduler like you are running now, it will work fine.

    If you get some premenent solution for this problem then please post in this thread.
    Rakesh Patel
    Navision Developer
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