Hot spot/sections to put LOCKTABLE in Navision SQL DB

jemmyjemmy Member Posts: 247
Dear folks,

Could anyone advise me which hot spots/sections to put LOCKTABLE in Navision SQL DB? I mean in which incidents we should put it since MS. SQL doesn't use version based records?
As far as I read it should be use before "Find" or "Get" statements? :?

Thanks in advance, and have an awesome day everyone. 8)



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    ArhontisArhontis Member Posts: 667

    You should read the Application Designers Guide (w1w1adg.pdf) Chapter 22 that mentions LOCKTABLE function is conjuction with SQL Server and Native Database.
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    jemmyjemmy Member Posts: 247
    Hi Arhontis,

    Gozh... I really forget about this e-book w1w1adg.pdf.
    Yeah, I have seen page#438, it's very brief in there.
    Thanks for the walkthrough. :wink:
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