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I found some information on this using search, but it was pretty old, so I figured I'd ask again to see if anything has changed:

Where can I find information on the difference between SQL Runtime and Enterprise Licenses? And is it still true that if they own SQL Server already that they don't need to buy these at the time of the NAV license purchase?

Thank you!

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    Yep, if they have SQL server already, they don't need to purchase the run-time edition.

    You can find the difference between the run times from the price description from Partnersource.
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    · There is no technical differences between the runtime and full licensing versions of SQL. The runtime will do everything the full version will do. The difference is in how they are licensed and possible limitations. While the runtime price may seem attractive it is not always the most economical depending on site needs and future plans.

    · The runtime license can only be used to support NAV (plus related applications on the same server)

    o This means that if BI4Dynamics is run on the same SQL Server then it can share the runtime license. However if it is on a different server then it needs its own license (not another NAV runtime but a full license)

    o Applications/databases not associated with NAV could not be run on the same server

    · The runtime license is a named-user based license. This means you must have license for every user set up on the server.

    · The runtime license cannot be moved to another application/server.

    · The runtime license cannot be used if you can’t control the number of users connecting. For example: If the NAV database is accessible from a public website that allows anonymous users.

    · If these restrictions are acceptable then the runtime can be a valid option.
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