Problem in Calculating ending time.

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Hi all,

I had setup machine centers and routing lines.when i refresh production order it calculates ending time with following formula.

ET=ST + (Run time/Unit*Total Unit to be produced)

I mean to say that it is calculating end time on the basis of per unit.

But i want it on the basis of LOT. For Ex. I have one reactor with 6KL capacity.

When i will run it for intermediate product it is fixed that it will run 24 hrs whether 4000 KG material is filled or 6000 KG material is filled.
so when i am calculating it is showing ending time different. when we create production order for 4000 KG it is showing endting time by calculating 4000 Units and when 6000 KG then it calculates according to 6000 units.

While it will calculate 24 hrs in both cases.

Please suggest what can be done in this situation.

Thanking You

Nrapendra Singh
Nrapendra Singh
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    cernstcernst Member Posts: 280

    Using run time it'll calculate per unit. You could use setup time or wait time instead. Then calculation is done once per prod.order. The difference is that setup time also calculates then cost.
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