Error #-2147217900 'PRIMARY' filegroup is full

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Hello all. When I close out a transaction in Retail Management System POS this error message appears and after hitting ok the transaction disappears and RMS closes. Has anyone ever seen this before and how do I correct it? I've located the the file Ruban_Data.mdf but when I try and open it to see if I can delete some of the old transactions to make room it ask me which program created it. I've tried opening it with several different programs (ie. Store Operations Admin, Store Operations POS, and Store Operations Manager) all with no result. Does anyone have an idea which program I would need to open it with and then how to correct t he problem. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks RL


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    The problem is in SQL server.
    Probably the database has no autoincrement and is full or the disk is out of diskspace.
    Or you are using SQL server Express and you have hit the upperlimit of database size (4GB for SQL2005 and 10GB for SQL2008).

    So you have to check those out using SQL Server Management Studio or Explorer.
    Regards,Alain Krikilion
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