How-To run Avalara AvaTAX on a 64-bit machine

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If you need to run AvaTax on a 64-bit machine you will need to perform a couple of extra steps after running the regular AvaTAX setup program. The problem is that on a 64-bit machine the setup program installs the dll to the Program Files (x86) folder but the COM refrences the Program Files folder.

My solution was to copy the Avalara folder from the Program Files (x86) folder to the Program Files folder. Then you must run the following to reregister the dll.

1. Open a Command window
2. Change to the following folder
C:\Program Files\Avalara\AvaTax Connect Adapter\Bin
3. Run the following command
C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework64\v2.0.50727\regasm Avalara.Avatax.Adapter.Net20.dll /tlb /codebase

Hope this saves you some time. I had to go through 3 days worth of calls to their tech support and developers trying to figure it out, before I gave this a try and found that it worked.

Good Luck
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    This is not the solution. With new AvaTAX installer this is haddled properly.
    and The files will be in both Program Files & Program Files (x86)

    below is the expected folder after installation :

    Sachin Chavan
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