order of entries created in table while order post

vijay_gvijay_g Member Posts: 884
can somebody share the list of all affected tables in order while posting a sales order with structure. i am looking for sequence of entries created in table.


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    matttraxmatttrax Member Posts: 2,309
    There's a lot involved in posting an order. There could be warehousing...or not. Service management....or not. And depending on the types of lines there could Fixed Assets, Charge Items, etc.

    Your best bet to learn this is to post a bunch of different types of order yourself and step through the debugger. You can also run Code Coverage to see which object code is executed in.
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    diptish.naskardiptish.naskar Member Posts: 360
    Post the Invoice and use the Navigate functionality to see where the data goes after you post with structure. In case you would like to have the sequence of which table is populated when then you can use the debugger to see the flow.
    Diptish Naskar
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    vijay_gvijay_g Member Posts: 884
    i was looking for order of tables in which record created.
    i am performing a simple sales order......
    Type -- Item
    Structure -- SaleTax
    now i want to see when SIH and SIL created and which first that i know(In CU 80).
    but when it comes to GL entries and Tax entries then......!!!

    1. Does Tax Entry create after GL or before GL (that is in CU 12)?
    2. Does GL and Tax Entry create(In CU 12) based on one by one SIL (from CU 80)?
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