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guydeschepper@hotmail.comguydeschepper@hotmail.com Member Posts: 16
Hello all,
I have this strange behaviour while installing the classic client NAV2009 SP1 at a customers site.
I do the installation using the different MSI-installers rather than using the menu from the DVD. (upload is smaller)
I install the classic client and afterwards the two belgian local language installers for NLB and FRB.

However, when starting the client, the language of the client remains in English when I choose the language NLB (Dutch Belgian), although the language of the objects is NLB as it should be.
On the other hand, when changing the language to FRB (French Belgian), the clients language changes to French ...

Has anybody else experienced this behaviour before ? Or could point me to a solution ?
This procedure for installing the client I use all the time, without any problem, so i presume this will be a local issue but I have no idea where to look ...

Thanks upfront !


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    prototyperprototyper Member Posts: 70
    Its possible that you (they, the user) may be missing the local language folder in their Navision folder. There should be a folder for each language under the Client or Classic folder.

    For Example: We use 3 multilanguages, Australian, United States, and New Zealand. (you might well think these languages are all basically the same but try counting to 10 in New Zealand - somewhere between 5 and 7 you will understand !)
    But.. if one of these folders is missing it defaults to the machine setting which is usually US (US English)
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    thanks for the reply, but the necessary folders are present. (i.e. ENU, NLB and FRB)

    any more thoughts ?
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    jannestigjannestig Member Posts: 999
    Assuming you have a license for multiple languages.

    When you installed the cside client did you also run the local language installers

    On the Belgium DVD they are found "Dynamics.NAV60SP1.BE.1059259.DVD\DVD\Installers" BE.fr or BE.nl

    Run both installers and that should fix it for you.

    Or just do a full install again. It was the way you have used seperate installers i imagine. It usually asks which language you want to run the install process in EG english or local(s)
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    FDickschatFDickschat Member Posts: 380
    A wild guess: Did you change the path when installing the client?

    For some reason only MS knows it is only possible to change the path when installing the client but it is not possible to change it when installing the language packs (and they always install into the default path, not the changed path from the client)
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    einsTeIn.NETeinsTeIn.NET Member Posts: 1,050
    edited 2010-08-20
    You can change the install directory of a language pack by command line. Just change into the folder where your language pack is stored and type in the following command line:
    msiexec /i <name_of_your_language_pack> installdir=<install_directory_of_your_client_installation>
    Maybe you have to set quotation marks for the names.
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    @jannestig: Yes, I installed the two language installers from the DVD. We also have a multiple language capable license. We were doing a technical upgrade from 3.70B to 2009SP1. As I mentioned : I used the same procedure for installation of the client on the server and that client works perfectly.

    @FDickschat: the default paths were used (this was indeed an issue I experienced before)

    @einsTeIn.NET: good to know there is a way to avoid the default paths and being able to install the language installers in the correct way.

    since my procedure worked on the server, but not on the clients (which are all installed using a master), I presume the problem is caused by some setting on machine level.
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