Available qty in particular Lot after delete action

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Hi everyone!

(Navision 4. SP3-SQL Server)

I am facing a problem using lot No during PO and SO and mainly after deleting an entry which used a lot No. The "story" begun when the customer posted a Sales Ship. document using Lot No. for the Item but he made wrong.
Then he used the Function "&Undo Shipment" (Sales history\ Posted Shipments \ [Functions]) and he tried to "undo" the false action.
Despite the logic of thiw action afterwards when he tried to use the same lot No in other Sales Shipm. he got a msg for unavailable qty for this Lot No.
In order to deal with the problem i tried to delete manualy the entries. The tables which i populate are:

T_110_Sales Shipment Header
T_111_Sales Shipment Line
T_32_Item Ledger Entry. Specialy in this table also, i changed fields "Remaining Quantity" equals to "Quantity" and "Open" as checked. The updating concerned the line of Entry Type "Purchase" and refers to Lot No. which i am interesting.
T_46_Item Register
T_339_Item Application Entry
T_6507_Item Entry Relation
T_336_Tracking Specification
T_337_Reservation Entry

Althought i did the above actions i am having the same msg for unavailable qty.

Can anyone help me about this problem?

Thanks in advance


  • crisnicolascrisnicolas Member Posts: 177
    Instead of deleting data on all those tables... which I do not recommend at all because it can lead to inconsistency on your data... did you actually tried to see why you got this error? Did the undo shipment filled correctly the Lot No.? Do you use reservations (maybe that Lot No. was reserved for some other SO)?
  • teptep Member Posts: 9
    Thank you for your reply
    I checked the Reservation Entry and the others SO and i did not find any entry using this particulary Lot

    And i agree with you about the deleting procedure and particulary the manual way, but i had to deal with the problem.
  • kapamaroukapamarou Member Posts: 1,152
    What is the exact message you get? Are you a developer? Can you use the debugger?

    Also, are you using the Greek localized version of NAV? In the localized version, if you make a mistake you can use the cancellations.
  • teptep Member Posts: 9
    I do not used the DB because of i do not get an error.
    The msg is a logical one comes from the remaining qty for this Lot.

    By yours replyment i understand that you are using greek localize version.
    If i used the cancellation Functionality i could not print the document because of taxes matters (due date)

    Do you think that i missed a table?
  • kapamaroukapamarou Member Posts: 1,152
    tep wrote:
    Do you think that i missed a table?

    Hard to tell...
    In Item Application Entry which entries did you edit?

    From my knowledge this functionality is not localized and thus never used. We always use the cancellations with the appropriate option (Quantity, Amount, Qty. & Amount).

    I would have to perform a test to see what happens.
  • teptep Member Posts: 9
    Thank you for your reply kapamarou
    And i appreciate your effort

    Thank in advance!
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