BUG:Unapplying entry from a card in ARC

jackiesjackies Member Posts: 114
Hi people :)

There is a bug when you unapply an entry in a card (vendor or customer) which is in additional reporting currency (ARC). In the initial application entry the LCY is adjusted and the ARC remains zero. However, if you decide to unapply this entry Navision calculates an ARC amount when it shouldn't. That's because the ARC is the Customer/Vendor currency and applications of payments to invoices to not affect their currency.

Please see attached for deatails.

Thanks in advance!


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    jackiesjackies Member Posts: 114
    Guys, anyone who has come upon this issue?

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    jannestigjannestig Member Posts: 999
    Which version are you using ?

    NAV 4.sp3 had a few bug fixes for the following forms

    Form 232 Apply Customer Entries
    Form 233 Apply Vendor Entries
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    jackiesjackies Member Posts: 114
    Nav 5.1
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