Restrict Dimension Values

apickardapickard Member Posts: 42
Hi all,
is there any possible way to block certain dimension values based on company rules. If i'm not mistaken nothing as such exist in Dynamics NAV, however maybe there are some workarounds which someone may have used :wink: Initially was thinking about Dim Combinations but doesn't address this issue

What i need is the following:
Assume there is a Dept Dimension with 5 dept value codes. When users post transactions which hit certain GL accounts, the system should check that certain Dept values are not allowed, and obviously returns an error message if such is the case.

Thanks all for your help


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    crisnicolascrisnicolas Member Posts: 177
    So... some dept should not use some G/L accounts... but those G/L accounts do still need a dept dimension value, right?

    You said Dim Combinations do not address your issue, since I guess you do not have any other dimensions which you can use to combine with the dept one.
    Well... maybe you could use a workaround using Dim Combinations...

    You could create a new Dimension... let's call it DVPNA (Dimension Value Posting Not Allowed), and use combinations with that Dimension to block some Dimension Values Posting on some G/L accounts.
    DVPNA should be mandatory on the G/L accounts where you want this behavior, and should be Same Code as the one you define on the G/L.
    Maybe users do get confused with that new dimension, but it is a way to use standard NAV.
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    apickardapickard Member Posts: 42
    Hi Crisnicolas,

    Thanks for your reply. After giving some thought it seems your suggested workaround may work. The only issue is that we need to define very easy to use values for dimesion DVPNA, else users will be really confused, as you rightly said.

    Thanks once again. If there are other suggestions re this issue, please share with us.
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    jannestigjannestig Member Posts: 999
    try this link it shows a better way

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