Italian vendor bills

Lec11Lec11 Member Posts: 91

I have an issue regarding electronic banking feature from italian localization.

I'm not a partner from Italy but I will refer to the italian company with this issues as my client.
So, my client has NAV 5.0 SP1 and uses the report 12175 Vendor Bills Floppy for electronic banking. Now he needs to pay some foreign vendors monthly and wants to use this feature. My problems are the following:
1. ABI/CAB: the vendors that suppose to be paid don't have these fields so we have an error when the file is being exported; i can manage this situation through code, but is it enough? I ask this because of problem no.2
2. I got a file from the client called "Pagamenti - bonifici" which has a chapter called "Funzione Disposizioni di bonifico estero". In this chapter, from what I can see, it is described a different format of file for external payments.

So, my questions for italian members of this site: is it enough to do no.1? O should I do no.2? Or I'm completely off and I should do something else?

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