Get payment detail in Report for sales invoice

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I am customizing the sales invoice report for the role tailored client,
in this case, i have to show the payment detail for the sales invoice,

for example, invoice# 1, customer #c1.
Amount = 245, the customer paid the part payment 50 bucks,
in the cust. ledger entry table, the record inserted when this payment done.
and in the Detailed Cust. Ledg. Entries table it also updated.

in the classic report i achieved this by adding two dataitems cust. ledge. entry tbl and detailed cust. ledger entry table....

sales invoice header table:->customer no.
sales invoice header table:->no.(invoice no.)
cust. ledger entry table:->customer no.
cust. ledger entry table:->Document No.(invoice no.)
cust. ledger entry table:-> entry no.
Detailed cust. ledg. entry table:->cust. ledger entry no.

now i want to show this detail in the rtc how can i achieve this?
Brijesh Vaidya
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    You have to modify the report in classic as you said, adding the dataitems and the logic. Then when you add the fields you want to show to a section, each one with its unique "Datasetfieldname", the fiels will be available on Visual Studio, and you can show them on the layout.
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    Thank you for your reply,
    but i already code in the classic client,
    if i take new table in the rtc, this report works fine, like it gets the cust. leger entry and detailed cust. ledger entry table detail against the sales invoice no.

    But When i add this group to the existing group of the sales invoice report, it does not show me the values of payment against the sales invoice and customer no. from the cust. ledger entry and detailed cust. ledger entry table,

    how to set this group(cust. ledger entry->entry no.) with the existing sales invoice reports group(sales invoice header->no.)?

    here with i attached the images so u can easily identify the problem(table1.jpg) and required out put(table2.jpg) in the blue color border.

    Thanks in advance.
    Brijesh Vaidya
    Sr. Software Engineer
  • brijeshvaidyabrijeshvaidya Member Posts: 50
    Here, i found the solution to fetch payment detail against the sales invoice in the rtc report,

    but the existing report this is not achieved report-206,

    i have to create new report with 4 dataitems

    Sales invoice header, sales invoice line, Cust. Ledger Entry, & Detailed Cust. Ledg. Entry

    and group on the sales invoice header no. and
    cust. ledger entry's entry no. will solve the problem.
    Brijesh Vaidya
    Sr. Software Engineer
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