Overlapping of production schedules when running MPS

navdemonnavdemon Member Posts: 16

I am trying to use the planning worksheet to schedule production.
However I seem to be having a problem
My production schedules are overlapping, for example if there are 2 production order is to be produced Nav lets the
simulated production orders(from the planning worksheet) overlap
Order #1 2nd Sep to 9th sep
Order #2 7th Sep to 10th Sep

Ideally I would want it to be as

Order #1 2nd Sep to 9th sep
Order #2 9th Sep to 12th Sep

Both these production orders produce items that have identical routings and use the same machine centers. There should not be any form of overlaps as the machine centers need to be serviced before the next product can be run .

Has anyone ever faced a similar problem?



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    SumitSumit Member Posts: 58
    Pl. Try with defining your machine centers as Capacity Constrained Resources, in Setup.
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