Convert csv file encoding from unicode to ANSI

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After creating a dataport to import a csv file (which is generated and emailed from an external source's website) I found that no data was being read from the file. After a bit of research I realized the csv was unicode encoded. Once I changed the encoding to ANSI, it worked fine. Since this import will be performed by a user I would prefer not to have them changing the encoding before importing. My question would be, is there a way through code to change the encoding on the file before it gets imported? Or is there a way to get a dataport to correctly import a unicode encoded csv file?



  • rthswrthsw Member Posts: 73
    Hi, i would use inconv before importing. With this little Hp-Unix-tool (DOS/windows-version avaible) you can convert from nearly any charset to any charset

    using something like this:

    textconstant iconvEXE=c:\programs\iconv.exe
    if shell(iconvEXE,'-f','FromCharset','-t','ToCharset','-c','Sourcefile','>','DestFile') = 0 then;
    for example:
    SHELL(CMDexe,'/c',IconvEXE,'-f 850 -t UTF-8 -c',Filename+'.asc','>',Filename)
    SHELL(CMDexe,'/c',IconvEXE,'-f UTF-8 -t 850 -c',Filename+'.asc','>',Filename)
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