Rim Tool Excel & NAV schema conflicts

jannestigjannestig Member Posts: 999
Just wondering if anyone has noticed this for the XML schemas in different version of office and NAV

In my scenario I have taken a 5.01 with RIM toolkit 2 imported, when i go to export a table to Excel the format (EG i want a setup table for my migration to nav 2009 sp1) It will export the file in *.xl* format but when you go to 2009sp1 looks for the same file it will only search for.XLS files.

The workaround is to change file type in 5x to all files then add the extension .xls which works. (havent tested XML format yet)

But the main issue is this is annoying and should be supported as it is part of their surestep methodology.

it looks like codeunit 8611 is coded to use .xls format only.

Anyone else experianced this ok can confirm
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