Launching an external application from within NAV RTC

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Is there a way to have a link in the Role Center or Navigation Pane which will launch an external application? I don't need to send any parameters or anything like that, just launch the application from the RTC opening page.
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    If you want to have it in the navigation pane:
    - make a list page, OnOpenPage(): Add your launch code
    - add that page to the Role center
  • manisharma31manisharma31 Member Posts: 285
    You need to modify you role center activity page.
    1. Add a system part record link to that page.
    2. After that you will need to browse to the external application exe in the link address and save it (Click on the Small lightning bolt type button avaliable on the record link).
    3. Click open to open the external application.

    Check the Image i have shared for the same.
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