How to empty BLOB and Binary with FieldRef

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Is it possible to empty a BLOB field with FieldRef?

An example for Text or Integer is:

Field.Type::Integer:FieldRef.VALUE := 0;
Field.Type::Text:FieldRef.VALUE := '';


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    mgm wrote:
    Is it possible to empty a BLOB field with FieldRef?
    Yes, but indirectly. Import some picture to the first item in Item table, then try this:;
    rref.findfirst; //find first item - this is for demonstration purpose only
    //prepare empty BLOB field
    clear(tempitem);  //tempitem is Record 27 declared as temporary
    fref2 := rref2.field(92); // field 92 = Picture, BLOB field in Item table
    fref := rref.field(92);
    fref.value := fref2.value;
    Hope this helps.

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    \:D/ Thanx Slawek!

    Just didn't manage to use this for fieldtype TableFilter and Binary.
    But these fieldtypes are rarely used.
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