Cannot have access to IC Partner Table

asemberengasembereng Member Posts: 220
I deployed the new license BR license on a financial management system but whenever I try to post to the cashier journal it displays the message that I do not have permission to the IC Partner table. I when to that table I gave full permission to myself but I am still having problem.
Can someone help me resolve it.
THank you


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    matttraxmatttrax Member Posts: 2,309
    The license probably does not give access to it, but there is data in the table. The data was probably added there when another license was being used.

    When there is no data in the table, the code is "skipped", so you don't get permission errors when you use those tables. Now that there is data it is a problem.
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    asemberengasembereng Member Posts: 220
    Thank you. Its working now
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