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kirkostaskirkostas Member Posts: 127
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I am trying to export in excel the table 9 Country/Region using Data Migration. It is working from classic client but from RTC I receive this message:

The server "net.[url=tcp://xxx/xxx/Service]tcp://xxx/xxx/Service[/url]" is either unavailable
or your connection has been lost. Do you want to attempt
to reconnect?

This happens when I work from my pc, if I do it from the server the export working like a charm.
I have installed NAV 2009 with 2-Tier configuration. My PC and the Server have Office 2007.
Do you know what is going on? :-k


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    SavatageSavatage Member Posts: 7,142
    So basically your questions is "Can I Export to Excel in NAV 2009 with 2-Tier configuration?"

    Cause you know you can Ctrl-A & Ctrl-C the table & Ctrl-V in Excel & be done.
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    kirkostaskirkostas Member Posts: 127
    This is definitely not the solution to my problem. [-X
    I want to do it using RIM. Is there someone else who have the same problem?
    What is the solution?
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