Page object not included in License Permission?

jjbravojjbravo Member Posts: 19
am I missing something, or does the License Permission table not contain permissions for the Page Objects?
I've tried several licenses, bu without success.



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    jjbravojjbravo Member Posts: 19
    I guess these entries only shows on SQL, not Native...that's just not right!

    So if I look at this table in the Native Client, it shows nothing in the License Permissions for Pages, if you look at the table in SQL Client it shows the permissions.
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    TonyHTonyH Member Posts: 223
    Have you downloaded the latest license from VOICE?

    If your a var you can create your own.

    Otherwise if you are an end user your Partner can cut a license for you, note that if you are moving from an older version of NAV you will need a a la carte granule 9XXX something like that.

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    jjbravojjbravo Member Posts: 19
    Yea, it's not a license issue. I guess MS thought since you don't run pages from native they didn't bother showing the permissions for them in native.
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