How to Convert Nav5.0 backup restored to Nav 6.0 sp1database

vipin_poulosevipin_poulose Member Posts: 36
Hi Friends,

i have created the database in Microsoft Dynamics NAV5.0 and configured setups for a company. Then i have taken the back up and restored in to Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 sp1 Database. Now when i take the " about Microsoft Dynamics Classic" it is showing as

"Microsoft Dynamics Nav 2009 sp1"

" Version in Dynamics Nav 5.0 sp1 (6.00.29626)"

also no pages are there in Object Designer.

How can we convert this Nav 5.0 sp1 restored database in to NAV 6.0 sp1.

Please Help me to solve this problem..... [-o< [-o< [-o<
Thanks and regards in advance. :):):)


  • ShedmanShedman Member Posts: 194
    Check out the PDF '...\UpgradeToolKit\Documents\Upgrade Quickguides\Upgrade Quick Guide 500_2009.doc' on your NAV 2009 installation medium. And also take notice of the 'Upgrade Toolkit Manual.pdf' on the same installation medium.

    Good luck.
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