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I changed a little bit of my sales order. It works fine in the classic client. I transformated it by the transformation tool and got no errors. But when i'm trying to use my sales order in the RTC client, I got something weird. He gives me always this error:
The sales line already exists. Identification fields an values: document type ='Order', document no. ='' , line no. ='' .
But this is totally not in my table sales line. When i'm going to another record without filling in the quantity, then I won't get this type of error. When i'm going back to my first record and fill in the quantity it works fine. Anyone an idea of where the error could come from? I read some things already on the net and can it have to something with the onaftervalidate of the field quantity? But how can you change this?


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    veerendraveerendra Member Posts: 66
    In the sales order 'DelayedInsert' property is Yes.
    I guess some where you have code to insert/modify sales line before it is really inserted. If you close and open it again, record is inserting and you are not getting any error.
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