Possible to scroll a card type subform???

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Hello all,
In NAV 5.1, is it possible to have a card type subform that can be scrolled. The problem is that we keep adding fields to it's table and need these fields on the subform. Right now we're making the main form larger which allows us to make a larger subform but we're at our limit as far as being able to show everything on the screen at one time. I know there are other alternatives (tabs in the subform, etc...) but just being able to scroll the subform up and down seems to be the best solution if it's possible. I know the list forms do this but so far I haven't found a way to make a card form do it.



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    KYDutchieKYDutchie Member Posts: 345

    yes this is possible. First of all, you need to set the subform width and height to a little smaller than the actual size of the subform. Then you need to set the "LOGWIDTH" and the "LOGHEIGHT" of the subform to the actual size (or Larger) in the OnOpenTrigger of your main form like this:
    CurrForm.tssubform.FORM.LOGWIDTH := 10000;

    Then if everything is correct the scrollbars will appear.

    Hope this helps,


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    GaryDGaryD Member Posts: 66
    Willy, that worked perfect! Thanks!
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