Send Reports by E-mail as HTML attachment?

YarmoshyYarmoshy Member Posts: 8
Right now most of our users have to either save reports as HTML or print to a PDF creator, then attach said HTML/PDF file in any e-mails they wish to send. The strange thing is that at one point some of them were able to simply view the report print preview, click Send > Report by E-mail..., and the report was automatically attached as an HTML file in the generated e-mail. :?

My question is this: is there any way to modify the Send > Report by E-mail... function to automatically attach an HTML copy of the report in the generated e-mail? I figured if anyone knows where the code is for the "Save as HTML..." or "Send > Report by E-mail..." functions, then at least I could mess around with the code on our test environment.

Thanks for your time!

P.s. Those functions I am talking about are just the ones in the File menu. Also, we are using NAV 6.0.29626 (Dynamics NAV 2009 SP1)


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    TonyHTonyH Member Posts: 223
    If you look at the report type variable there is a "SaveAsHTML" method.

    You can then use the Mail codeunit (397) in combination to send an email with an attachement which would be the report you saved as HTML.

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