Doubt in Drop Shipment Functionality

chandrurecchandrurec Member Posts: 560
Hi all,

I have given the purchasing code in the sales line and drop shipment checked for the corresponding purchaser code.

When I click Order -> Drop Shipments -> Purchase Order from Sales Order, it is giving me the error "You must specify the Purchase Order number in Sales Line".

My doubt is "Is it necessary to create the Purchase Order either directly or from requisition worksheet before selecting the Order -> Drop Shipments -> Purchase Order from Sales Order or when i select this option, will the Purchase Order be created automatically on its own?"
Thanks in advance.



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    MChilariMChilari Member Posts: 47
    Hi Chandu,

    You have to create Drop Ship Purchase Order from the Purchase Orders.

    You go to Purchase Order, Create New one, and then choose the "Sell-to Customer No." and "Ship-to Code" (if required) in the "Shippping Tab", then go to Order->Drop Shipment->Get Sales Orders. Based on "Sell-to Customer No.", system will show all the Sales Orders which has "Purchase Code" as Drop Shipment.

    You choose the Sales Orders from this screen, then system will populate the Items in the Purchase Order, now you have the link between "Sales Order" and "Purchase Order".

    Now if you go to Sales Order, Order -> Drop Shipments -> Purchase Order, you will be able to view the Purchase Order.

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    Luc_VanDyckLuc_VanDyck Member, Moderator, Administrator Posts: 3,633
    Quoting on-line help:
    When you create a drop shipment, you must create a purchase order that links to a sales order. The purchase order can be created directly or indirectly.

    To Create Purchase Orders for Drop Shipments Indirectly:
    1. Open the Req. Worksheet window.

    2. Click Functions, Drop Shipment, Get Sales Orders. The Get Sales Orders window appears.

    You can set a filter to select specific sales lines for the batch job to retrieve. If you do not set a filter, the batch job retrieves all sales lines that have a Drop Shipment purchasing code.

    Click OK to run the batch job. The newly created purchase order proposal lines appear in the requisition worksheet. Note that the Action Message field contains the option New and that the Accept Action Message field contains a check mark.

    3. In the Req. Worksheet window, click Functions, Carry Out Action Message. The Carry Out Action Msg. - Req. window appears, click OK. A message appears telling you that the purchase order(s) has been created. Click OK.

    To Create Purchase Orders for Drop Shipments Directly:
    1. Open the Purchase Order window.

    2. Press F3, and then press Enter to create a new order with a new document number.

    3. In the Buy-from Vendor No. field, select the vendor that will ship the item, and then click OK.

    4. On the Shipping tab, in the Sell-to Customer No. field, enter the number of the customer that is on the sales order.

    5. Click Order, Drop Shipment, Get Sales Order. The Order - Sales List window appears.

    6. Select the sales order that you will use to create the purchase order, and then click OK to create the purchase order.
    Does this help?
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    chandrurecchandrurec Member Posts: 560
    Hi Luc Van Dyck/MChilari,

    I got the concept of drop shipments. Thanks to both of you.

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