Nav 5.0 SP1 loses focus with Vista

tpopowicztpopowicz Member Posts: 13
Hi, I'm hoping someone has information for this. We have Nav 5.0 SP1 and are using a SQL version with a Citrix client on a Vista machine. Whenever a message box comes up, such as an error message, Navision loses focus, the computer screen jumps to another application. So for example if you have your Outlook and Excel open, and you're working in Nav, if you get some kind of message box come up from Nav that you have to click ok on, as soon as you do, you loose focus and you get your outlook take focus (or excel), then you have to click back on your taskbar for you Nav application to go back. We're not experiencing this with any of our XP machines, nor did we have this issue with Nav 3.60. Does anyone have information on this issue?
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