Newbie question-inserting pictures on reports

triona*triona* Member Posts: 27
Hi guys,

We just started using navision in our office and i've been asked to insert the company logo on a couple of reports..like our packing slips. i know absolutely nothing about navision...spent the last hour looking for tutorials and came up with nothing..can anyone point me in the direction of a good tutorial please?

Anyway, the company logo is on our Order Acknowledgement report so i tried copying and pasting it onto the other reports but its not showing up when i print preview the reports....apparently i have to do a 'calcfields' or something like that but even that went over my head :roll: can anyone give me the idiots guide to solving my problem????

Thanks in advance,



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    mjrogersmjrogers Member Posts: 59
    Usually your local NSC would be able to handle stuff like this for a minimal charge. Also, perhaps you should consider going on a Navision developers course.

    Your local NSC should be able to supply you with any standard documentation you require.

    A part from that, you could try this:

    Open then report in designer.
    Go to View, C/AL Globals.
    Check if there is a variable with data type "REC" and sub type "Company Information". If there is then remember what it's called, if not add one and call it CompanyInformation.

    Close the window. You should now be back at Report Designer. Make sure you are on the first data item (i.e. at the top). Press F9.

    Find the section called OnPreDataItem. (It's the first section after Documentation - at the top)

    If you found a global variable for Company Information, there should be a command in here that looks like this:

    If not, add it.

    Directly after that line add this new line:

    Press F11

    If you have any error's then best cancel all your changes and call your NSC. Otherwise celebrate with a pint of Guinness and have on for me :D
    TecSA Malaysia

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    triona*triona* Member Posts: 27
    mjrogers....you are a LEGEND! :wink:

    it worked!....going on a designer course after Christmas but until then im relying on forums like this to get me by.

    Thanks a million,

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