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I have a client who has an interesting Web Based project. I was considering using a website to communicate with a NAV 2009 database, but I was wondering if there was any limitation to the number of companies I can use with one Web Connector license (which I think may be limited to one company). I will need to work with perhaps 4 or 5 companies within NAV so if a license is required for each then I don't think it really becomes financially viable.

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    There are 3 types of NAV Licenses for web access :

    1. DCO-WSS : Any third party solution to access NAV database.
    2. DCO-MOSS: This includes DCO-WSS features and a standard/enterprise CAL for Sharepoint server and Sharepoint Server License.
    3. External Connector: To give access to external parties to access database of NAV.

    1 & 2 are named user license and there is no limitation on the companies. 3 is a single license and you can give access to unlimited external users.

    If all the companies are within a single database then you need not but company wise licenses.
    CA Sandeep Singla
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