How to get last year date?

bangswitbangswit Member Posts: 265
hai everyone
how to get last year or last month date?
example input 01/01/10 so the value for last year is 01/01/09
and last month value is 12/01/09
thanks a lot :)


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    TonyHTonyH Member Posts: 223
    Hit F1 and then search for the function CALCDATE

    "Calculates a new date based on a date expression and a reference date."
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    sresre Member Posts: 62
    CALCDATE is right ... <-CY> would give you the first day of the current year and <-1Y> would reduce this by one your so CALCDATE('<-CY-1Y'>, TODAY) would give you the first day of the previous year. CALCDATE('<-CY-1M>', TODAY) would give you the first of december of the previous year.

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    genericgeneric Member Posts: 511
    The <> are very important because they make the formula language independent.
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