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navgbanavgba Member Posts: 48
When there is a rejection from the shop floor, assuming the consumption was already posted, does the negative consumption entry also create the inventory for that item?

When i post the negative consumption, i apply it to the already posted consumption entry for that item. What happens to the rejected item? Does it still appear in the WIP (Production Inbound) inventory? Or i have to make a positive adjustment to create the inventory for this item?


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    NAV_DoctorNAV_Doctor Member Posts: 12
    Hey Mate,

    Negative consumption will wack the item back into stock. This practice is typically used when by products are created.

    WIP will get cleared upon the changing of status of Prod Order to finished.

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    navgbanavgba Member Posts: 48
    Thanks for your reponse. Need more clarification plz...how it is handled with warehousing?
    We have warehousing enabled for the main stock location. When the pick is done, the stock moves from a General storage bin (eg GEN bin) to the production inbound bin (PRD-IN). This both bin are in the STK location which is the main stock location.
    When the consumption entries are posted, the quantity is reduced. On negative consumption, QOH for that item will increase by one?
    This is a scenario when an item is rejected and a new item as replacement is issued back for consumption. So a positive consumption entry is posted against that production order.
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