CRM IFD configuration Error.

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Hi Guys,

We have recently deployed On Premise CRM on Winserver 2008 64 bit server (SQL version SQL server 2008). It is working fine. Ours is an enterprise version of CRM. But For now we have only one organization in CRM. While setting up CRM we created an Internal domain and installed CRM using it.

The On Premise deployment is working fine and we want it upgraded to IFD deployment to access the CRM from outside the network.

For doing this we followed the steps exactly as given in the 'Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4 IFD Scenarios' document. For setting up IFD we used CRMIFDTool. We created a host with name same as organization name in the existing internal domain. Also the domain resolved successfully in IFD Tool.

I checked all the changes done by IFD tool and everything is fine.

We are able to access CRM with in the network but when we access it from Outside the network we are getting some error. Please see the error using this link.

Please help me in resolving the issue.

Thanks in Advance.

Thanks and Regards

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