Bare essentials to get RTC running on our existing database

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We have NAV 2009 SPI. I have been using Web Services (to integrate our website) for quite some time now and they are working great. Up to this point I have only been using Codeunits with the Business Web Service. Now I would like to get a few pages working since I want to take advantage of the readmultiple function on pages. My first step is to get the rtc client working.
1) I have the NAV Server installed and running
2) I have installed the RTC
3) I have created a simple list page
4) I have not transformed any forms and I don't want to. My goal is to get one or 2 pages worrking in the rtc.

There is obviously some user or company setup that needs to be done but I do not know where to start. If I start up the rtc now I get the follwing error "The object metadata does not exist. Identification fields and values: Object Type='Page',Object ID='0'. I am guessing this is becasue there must be a startup page which I haven't identified yet.

Anyone have any documentation that could help me out?


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    The RTC is completely based off of the pages...

    Unlike classic which you can spool up with very limited (system) objects you can't do the same with the RTC... you need the bare minimum of pages.

    Not sure how customised the database is, but could you try importing the Cronus pages? see if that gets the RTC up for you? Sure it will error if you compile pages on modified tables etc... but could get you off the ground?
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    I got the answer from another source.

    1) A page of pagetype RoleCenter needs to be created. Use the wizard.
    2) Run 2000000072 Profile table and add a record (Fill in ProfileID (Test), RoleCenter (from step 1), Default Role Center (Yes).
    3) Add MenuSuite Item
    a) Design For - Roletailored Client
    b) Choose Dept - Company
    c) Save. NAV will create an object id of 1090

    That's it. Now I can start up the RoleTailored Client with a Home and Department MenuItem.
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