List as default editable in role center

petevanspetevans Member Posts: 78
edited 2010-07-01 in NAV Three Tier
When showing a list "within the role center" (not open in own window), is it possible to make the list editable as default? None of the lists I have seen are editable by default, and even though a page is set to default editable this only seems to apply when it opens in its own window, and seems to be overridden when the list is opened in the role center.

It seems to be a core mechanic in RTC that lists are opened as views, and that you need to double click or choose "Edit" or "Edit list" in order to change anything, but the customer is asking for default editable lists, so...

This picture shows what I mean by a "list in the role center". Is it possible to make this editable as default?



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