i have to configure new VAT for Spain

gorvega79gorvega79 Member Posts: 73
Hi, i have to change vat for new vat 18%. i only want to know what i have to do. i think the most important is configure the "VAT Business Posting Group" and crete new "VAT Product Posting Group" with the equivalences of the last vat 16%. then i have to change "vat prod. posting group" for all the products I use... i have to do something more or with this is enough...

thank you for all


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    nadr61nadr61 Member Posts: 4
    The VAT Business Posting group is attached to customers and vendor cards...(group of business). The VAT Product posting Group is attached to item card ....(products, services..).

    So, if you create new VAT Posting Group you must change the cards setup.

    In to my opinion I will change only the <%VAT> using the existing VAT Posting Group.
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    FDickschatFDickschat Member Posts: 380
    You will need to do a little more then nadr61 explained:

    In General: If the shipment happened before 1.7. it needs to be the old VAT in the invoice, if the shipment was after 1.7. it is new VAT. If you need to issue a CM which relates to a shipment before 1.7. you will need to use old VAT, otherwise new VAT. Therefore you need to create new VAT Prod. Post. Grps.

    I don't know whether it exists for ES but MS has created a whitepaper what needs to be done for a VAT rate raise at least for Germany.

    Also for Germany MS DACH has created a wonderful VAT rate raise tool which you can find in partnersource. We have used it for DE and UK and are using it at the moment for ES. The objects are in the 11000 area so you might not be able to use them.
    Frank Dickschat
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    gorvega79gorvega79 Member Posts: 73
    thank you for all,
    finally i´m going to create a new %vat in the "vat prod. posting group" with new amount. and configure item card "vat item posting group". in orders and invoices it works perfectly.

    thank you

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    gorvega79gorvega79 Member Posts: 73
    Thank you so much kitik
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