Warehouse Management Setup - Non-Standard Pallet Sizes

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We are configuring warehouse management for directed put-aways, but our pallet sizes are not always consistent for each product. Pallets are made up ad-hoc by the warehouse staff before putting on the shelves and therefore do not always have the same quantity on them, so we cannot use the standard 'Item Unit of Measure' setup to say a pallet always contains x items.

So far we have looked at creating a 'Bin Content' record for every combination of Item & Bin and setting the 'Max Qty' on the record. This seems to do the job but means the Bin Content table is huge and I think it's affecting performance. Has anybody else implemented another solution for non-standard pallet sizes?

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    prototyperprototyper Member Posts: 70
    Tell me more...
    Are you are defining a new Unit Measure for each pallet ?
    Are you picking by pallet or per EACH ?
    Sleep on it... The best solutions come at 2am
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