NAV 3.70 XML and SOAP service

krazy89krazy89 Member Posts: 30
Hi there,

I need to automate (twice a day) an inventory update to a partner's website through SOAP service... unfortunately, i have no idea if that is possible.

Does anyone have any experience on this?



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    jlandeenjlandeen Member Posts: 524
    There's a few ways that you can make SOAP calls out to a website from within NAV. Here's a good example from MIBUSO http://www.mibuso.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=23&t=23440&hilit=SOAP.

    This assumes that you are trying to call a webservice from NAV to do the update. If the web page is going to call NAV to get the data then this can also be done but it requires a bit more plumbing on the NAV side.

    Also the NAV 3.7 Executable does not natively support XML Ports so you'll have to hand build all XML data. If at all possible you should consider upgrading the client executable to a later version.
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