Adjust Cost - Item Entries problem

mbmartinwambmartinwa Member Posts: 18
I am getting an error when I run the Adjust Cost - Item Entries routine. It failes on Entry No. 2089 with the folloring error:

Select Dimension Value Code 10 for the Dimension Code DVN for Item 10371.

I have been having trouble identifying where the dimension code is missing. I have looked in Ledger Entry Dimension and 10 is set for DVN. How do I track this error?

Michael Martin
Michael Martin


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    SavatageSavatage Member Posts: 7,142
    Have you looked in the item ledger entries?

    for that item
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    mbmartinwambmartinwa Member Posts: 18
    I have, but I guess I am not sure what to look for. I see all of the entries for that part number and I even know which entries are causing it in there, but I can't modify the data in there. Besides I don't see that any dimension information is stored in that table. I guess I am not sure what needs to be done to fix it.

    Michael Martin
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    Kishor_MistryKishor_Mistry Member Posts: 1
    You haven't said what version you are running but my guess is that it's between ver 3.00 and 3.10

    I think you have setup a default dimension against the item and set to same code. The adjust cost routine is adding a rounding entry (InsertRoundingEntry function) but it doesn't create any dimensions against it. The item journal line posting routine then gives you the error you are getting - when it does the dimension checking.

    The problem is fixed in 3.60
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    mbmartinwambmartinwa Member Posts: 18
    I am running version 3.70.

    For this Item I do have Default Dimensions set to Same Code for DVN.
    Michael Martin
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    vipulchudasamavipulchudasama Member Posts: 17
    If you remove same code from the same item while running adjust cost function....it will allow you to run the batch.....Again you can apply back once the process is over....a temporary solution.....
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    JanStepanekJanStepanek Member Posts: 6

    try modify codeunit 21. This error caused by new created Value Entry for rounding existing Item Ledger Entry with entry type Transfer.


    Jan Stepanek

    //correction original errors - begin
    //IF ItemJnlLine."Entry Type" = ItemJnlLine."Entry Type"::Transfer THEN
    IF (ItemJnlLine."Entry Type" = ItemJnlLine."Entry Type"::Transfer) AND
    NOT (Adjustment OR ("Value Entry Type" = "Value Entry Type"::Rounding) OR
    ("Value Entry Type" = "Value Entry Type"::Revaluation)) THEN
    //correction original errors - end
    IF NOT DimMgt.CheckJnlLineNewDimValuePosting(JnlLineDim,TableID,No) THEN
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