Turning off expected cost posting

mariusswmariussw Member Posts: 52
Related to a situation at a client using NAV W1 5SP1, I did tests to se what happens to costs posted to interim accounts, if expected cost posting is turned off.

I purposefully created a purchase order of a FIFO costed inventory item, and posted a receipt. Navigating on the Posted Receipt, confirmed that the expected cost was posted to the interim account.

When turning off Expected Cost Posting, NAV warns that it will calculate costs to post and that it may take some time. Hence I ran Post Invenotry Cost to G/L thereafter. I then posted the Purchase Invoices from the order.

Navigation revealed no impact on interim accounts. After posting the the invoice I ran Post Inventory to Cost to G/L again. Yet no impact on the Interim accounts.

The verdict is that one has to reverse the balance from the accounts manually.

It would be nice if some would confirm my experience, or contradict it :-)



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